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Scantronic Radio Nursecall Call Point with Socket

This is the classic Scantronic Multiscan radio nursecall system, now called the Legacy. This call point has the socket at the bottom for the plug-in call lead. These units are refurbished and excellent quality

(+ postage: £6)

Plug-in Call Lead for Scantronic (BNC) BNC1 

Plug-In Pear Push Call Lead for use with Scantronic and Cameo Nursecall systems. BNC type plug fitted that locks into the socket on the call point

(+ postage: £4.50)

Replacement Battery Clip pk of 5

Pakc of 5 replacement baattery clips for the Scantronic radio nursecall call points. Connonly damaged when changing the battery.

(+ postage: £1.60)

PM4 Bedside Pressure Mat

Bedside Pressure Mat for use with the Scantronic Legacy Nursecall system. Plugs into the socket on the call point. When the resident treas on the mat a call is triggered on the call point. Price includes VAT

(+ postage: £8.50)

2 into 1 Adaptor for Scantronic ADBC 

2 into 1 Adaptor to allow a call lead and pressure mat to be plugged into the same call point. Price includes Vat.

(+ postage: £2.60)

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