RED ALERT Staff attack System

LCD Staff Attack Indicator-Display Panel

This is the standard Display Panel to show any attacks received on staff within the protected areas

(+ postage: £4.38)

Magnetic Reset Key NET216 pk of 5

Magneitc reset key to reset any assistance calls made on the RED ALERT system

(+ postage: £1.20)

RED ALERT Power Supply-Control Unit 

This is the main power supply unit for the Red Alert staff attack system.

(+ postage: £12.00)

Ceiling Mounted Infrared Receiver RED205

Ceiling Mounted Infrared Reciver for use with the RED ALERT staff attack system

(+ postage: £4.38)

DISPL Guardian Attack Display Panel

Display Panel for the Guardian Staff Attack System.

(+ postage: £4.6)

AIRX4 Guardian Infrared Receiver

Infrared Receiver for the Guardian attack system

(+ postage: £2.60)

STC5 Guardian Attack Pendant

Pendant Transmitter for the Guardian Attack System

(+ postage: £2.6)

Staff Attack Power Supply L7700 

Power Supply and Controller for the Guardian Staff Attack System. One required per system. Price includes vat.,

(+ postage: £12.50)

Disp1 Guardian Display & Reset Unit

Guardian Addressable Display and key Reset Unit. Price includes vat.

(+ postage: £3.60)

G822R Guardian Addressable Reset Unit 

Guardian Addressable Reset Unit. Price includes vat.


FJB2 Fused Junction Box 

Fused Junctio/Distribution Box for Guardian system. Requires a BB1 box if surface mounting.

(+ postage: £3.60)

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